Bio21 Institute (Nancy Millis Building)

Client: University of Melbourne
Location: Victoria
Project: Bio21 Institute (Nancy Millis Building)
Value: $39 Million

The University of Melbourne’s Bio21 Molecular Science and Biotechnology Institute is a multidisciplinary research centre, specialising in medical, agricultural, and environmental biotechnology. The Nancy Millis Building is a six-storey biomedical research facility for the University of Melbourne and CSL Limited. The research facility includes PC2 and open laboratories, specialty rooms and large collaboration spaces. Restricted site access increased the level of complexity with existing buildings on three sides, narrow access via residential streets and heritage trees all adding to the challenges during construction. Adjacent facilities included University High, Royal Melbourne Hospital, and the Bio 21 Institute. The project scope involved significant enabling works with services diversions, new utility infrastructure tie-ins, demolition of existing buildings and substantial bulk excavation and retention works to construct a new basement and loading dock area. The façade system glazing units were modified to include further mullions and transoms to assist in supporting the sun shading system.

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