Building on 170 years
of trusted partnerships

A nimble contractor backed
by global powerhouse,
Kajima Corporation

Complex projects
across all sectors

Australia’s most financially
secure small builder

Strength in Diversity

Minicon is a nimble business that leverages the strength of the Icon Group.

Our staff bring together the depth of experience of Australia’s oldest building company, Icon and international construction powerhouse, Kajima Corporation. Minicon delivers projects at small to medium project values across many sectors, including health & science, technology, education, commercial and high-end residential.

Strength in Diversity

Corporate Structure

Minicon operates autonomously and with independence whilst benefiting from the expertise, financial capacity and corporate strength afforded by Icon Construction and Kajima Australia. We share financial, OHS & E, IT and innovation and IP resources with Icon and Kajima allowing us to establish a firm platform from which to launch great endeavours.

Safe Hands

We are committed to operating incident and injury-free across all of our divisions.

We understand the importance of setting and maintaining professional safety standards. our safety culture within the Icon Group of companies is less about checklists and more about a robust safety and risk management system which drives continuous safety improvement.

We are accredited by the Office of the Federal Safety Commissioner under the Australian Government Building and Construction WHS Scheme, which allowed us to enter into contracts for building works funded directly or indirectly by the Australian Government.

The Strength of our Safety